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Discuss P0170,P0173,P0300 99 C280 in the forum at Car Dealer Forums; I have a 99 C280 with 94000 miles, and I had the fuel trim malfunction ...
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    I have a 99 C280 with 94000 miles, and I had the fuel trim malfunction
    bank 1&2 codes and now with P0300, multiple cylinder misfire and
    P0304-6, drivers side. I have had a schedule B service, spark plugs,
    fuel filter, air filter, etc. and took the car to a mechanic to
    diagnose the fuel trim malfunction. Replaced what he said was a faulty
    O2 sensor, paid a bunch of money but code came back within a couple of
    weeks. He also checked the MAF, said that values were a little low but
    within range. I also cleaned the MAF with electrical contact cleaner.
    No noticeable improvement. Bought fuel system cleaner but no change in
    performance and no light out.
    There has been a drop in performance, about 20%, but MPG is 27/28.
    Occasionally, with the fuel trim error, the car surges to near red-line
    RPM under acceleration for one second and drops down. The cylinder
    misfires occured last week after a cold start, bucked and jolted
    roughly, but after a while I was able to take it home fine. Havent
    used the car since.
    On startup, exhaust has slight fuel odor, similar to my sister's 2005
    grand caravan, but no exhaust smoke or odors after warm.
    Car ran ok until the misfires. Anyone have any advice on how to
    approach this problem? What is typically looked at, and can I do any
    of it before taking it to a mechanic?Also, I will like to know what
    people prefer, a dealer or good independent mechanic?
    I have the StarTek manual and can borrow a couple of tools from family

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    Our 2001 E320 had the same code. Inexperienced mechanic would assume O2
    sensors, but this is not the case. The fix was a new MAF sensor.

    Only the dealer is equipped to diagnose the problem as they have proprietary
    diagnostic machine to thoroughly test the system. Other mechanic can only
    guess. Yes, O2 sensor can cause the problem, but O2 sensor can also be
    tested wtih a simple multimeter to see if the value is within spec just like
    that mechanic tested your MAF.

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