pyramid36 wrote:
> My daughter took her 2003 Audi A4 to the dealer this week becuase
> periodcially, it would not go in gear. The dealer says that they
> "think" the sensor chip inside the transmission is bad. They reset
> the central computer (aka re-boot to us IT types) and everything
> worked fine for a few days. Tonight she called and said it would go
> into reverse. After turning it on and off several times it finally
> worked and then the "check engine" light came on.
> Of course, the warranty expired 2 months ago and I was stunned to find
> out that the transmission warranty is the same as the rest of the
> car. (Shame on me for not paying better attention).
> Q1: am I out of line thinking that this is highway robbery?
> Q2: does anyone know a reputable Audi mechanic in the Atlanta area?

Call Audi themselves and explain. There is a good chance they will be
able to assist.

What if they replace this chip and it's still faulty, will they refund
your money? I'd doubt it. Don't pay for their guesswork.

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