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Discuss '04 Audi A4, any pervasive issues? in the forum at Car Dealer Forums; On Mon, 14 May 2007 21:12:34 -0400, "Tri Duck" <> wrote: >I am looking at ...
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    Dave LaCourse

    Default Re: '04 Audi A4, any pervasive issues?

    On Mon, 14 May 2007 21:12:34 -0400, "Tri Duck"
    <> wrote:

    >I am looking at purchasing a 2004-5'ish A4.... anything in particular I
    >should be on the look out for? Any pervasive issues with this model year
    >(recalls, major repair issues etc)? Any scheduled maintenance I should be
    >on the look out for etc? I read one review that recommended the 5 speed
    >over the auto, thoughts on this? I know this is a decidedly pro Audi
    >audience, but general thoughts on the BMW 325 vs Mercedes C230 vs A4 would
    >also be appreciated.....
    >Thanks in advance. If there is already a thread on this somewhere I
    >apologize, this is my first trip to this NG.
    >Charlotte, NC

    Charlotte, huh. Well, when it snows, you'll be the only one who gets
    to work (assuming your A4 is the Quattro and not the fwd). I know of
    no caveat emptors with that model. I've been driving Quattros since
    the mid 80s and I have never been disappointed in their service,
    especially in the rain and snow.


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    G-man uk

    Default Re: '04 Audi A4, any pervasive issues?

    Tony wrote:


    > One option that I like and would try to find again is the auto dimming
    > rear view and side mirrors.

    I have that on my 03 A3 1.9TDI. However, Audi also saw the foresight to
    put a factory tinted rear windscreen in so headlights behind you do not
    dazzle you, (the window has a very light blue tint - but only seen at
    night) making this option somewhat useless. :-)

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