Replace the ignition switch. A very common problem on this model.

Brett Anderson
KMS - Koala Motorsport

"pchotspot" <> wrote in message
> This car is acting up big time. first the driver seat forward and
> back function wont work, this also took out the up and down function
> to the steering wheel. I change the main seat module switch and the
> seat worked and steering wheel worked for about 30 seconds and cut off
> again. Days later they started working again and the next day they
> stopped. This is on going one day working the next they are not: Now
> the sound system stopped working all together. The system sound like
> crap when I bought it about a month ago, now its totally out. There
> was a sort of static clicking sound when I would raise the volume;
> which was very annoying and lead me to believe the something is going
> wrong with the system. I never owned a bmw before and do not know
> what the sound system should sound like but I knew it should have been
> better than what I was hearing. The truck deck speakers was very low
> and was over powered but the door speakers. The car seems
> haunted.
> I think this problem is deep into the electrical system because all
> the items that work whenever they feel like it.
> The big QUESTION HERE IS: what item or area of the electrical system
> could be causing this to happen. Are there any relay, control module,
> fuses that I can check for a possible solution? Any and all help will
> be appreciated.

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