My Minivan have always worked pretty good without any trouble. Last night
after dropping someone off from work my battery light came on. I drove it
the rest of the 20 minute drive home and it was fine. I went back out 5
minutes later to pick up a kid from school game and the van would NOT
start for anything. I doubt it has anything to do with this, but I do want
to mention that I ran over a small "V" shaped metal pipe in the road on the
way to bring that person to work last night, just in case that might
possibly have something to do with this problem. When we try to start it,
you can hear it turning over, and you can hear a steady ticking noise. All
lights come on fine. My hubby did say that the radio keeps coming in and
out though like it's not getting a good signal. (Just thought I'd add that
as you never know what detail might be important.

The starter and cylonoid (sp?) are combined on my model and this morning
we took it off the van and went and had it tested. They said it was still
working but turning slower than it ought to. So we bought a new one for
$140 and just got it on the van and it is still doing the exact same
thing. My hubby has a small battery charger and it shows the battery is
fully charged. I also have a full tank of gas as I filled it up the
previous day, so I know the gas gauge is not faulty.

Please help!

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