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Discuss 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan still won't start! in the forum at Car Dealer Forums; by Lord Kimberley of my judicial action as to these matters, and with the more ...
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    by Lord Kimberley of my judicial action as to
    these matters, and with the more important object of presenting
    what appears to me to be the great gravity of the evils I have
    denounced, as they affect the moral status of the Colony, in order
    that some remedy may be applied to them.... I am informed that His
    Excellency the Governor has been unable to obtain the opinion of
    the Attorney-General on the points raised." ...

    It is impossible not to feel that this neglect on the part of someone
    at Hong Kong to forward the Chief Justice's letters until the first of
    these was a year old (for they were actually sent in August, 1881),
    was a designed obstruction of his endeavors to set himself in the
    correct light, and to enlighten the Christian public of Great Britain
    as to the abuses existing at Hong Kong.

    In this letter expressing regret at the delay of his letters, he
    speaks of convictions of eight more cases of kidnaping, and "almost
    unprecedented brutal assaults on bought children." "Considering the
    special waste of life in brothel life, and the general want of new
    importations to keep up the bondage class of 20,000 in this Colony,
    the cases of kidnaping detected cannot be one-half of one per cent of
    the children and women kidnaped."

    "Two cases of brutal treatment of young girls by purchasers, their
    pocket-mothers, one little girl having had her leg broken by
    beating her, and the other having been shockingly and indecently

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    Colonial Government was before the home authorities,
    showing that in the event of the ordinance becoming law, _revenue
    would be derived_ from the tainted source of prostitution among the
    Chinese." (The italics are the authors').

    Ordinance 10, 1867 now came into operation, with the following
    additional powers in the hands of the "Protector" of Chinese, the
    Registrar General:

    1st, Not only were keepers of unregistered houses to be fined or
    sent to prison, but the women--"held in practical slavery for the
    purposes of prostitution"--when found in unregistered houses were
    also subject to fine and imprisonment.

    2nd, The Registrar-General, otherwise the "Protector" of Chinese,
    could break into any house suspected of being a brothel, and
    arrest the keeper thereof without warrant. And he could authorize
    his underlings to do the same.

    3rd, The Registrar General could exercise both judicial and
    executive powers in the prosecution of the duties of his office.

    4th, All outdoor prostitutes could be arrested without warrant,
    fined and imprisoned.

    The new law possessed one virtue over the old. It frankly, and
    more honestly, employed the word "licensed," where the old law

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    qu'est-ce que cette réponse vient faire sur ce poste ??? Merci aux administrateurs de bien vouloir supprimer ces lignes et aussi de bloquer cette personne. Aucun rapport avec l'aide à apporter aux possesseurs d'un véhicule chrysler
    Chrysler S3 (GS plateforme) de 2001
    moteur DACT 2,4L 151cv
    boite vitesse manuelle

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