I'm the developer of a new Classic Car VIN decoder website named Decode
This! (http://www.decodethis.com) We are a single source for decoding
classic American VINs as well as providing detailed information on
those VINs.

So far we've added the following Ford Cars:

1964 1/2 - 1973 Mustangs
1960 - 1969 All Ford passenger cars (Galaxies, Falcons, Fairlanes,
Thunderbirds, etc.)

We also offer the only WAP VIN decoder (decode VINs using your phone or
PDA wirelessly) that I know of. We're constantly adding new VIN
patterns to our database, so if we don't decode your car today, check
back tomorrow... Please contact me if you need more information. Also
visit our blog at http://blog.decodethis.com for a constant update of
what we're doing!

Thank you,

Richard Brown

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