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> Hi everyone,
> Yesterday, I was driving my 1989 Ford Telstar TX5 model AT (1.8L, 3x
> speed automatic transmission; identical to a mazda 626) to my friend's
> place; with a successful run there. But on attempt to leave, I found
> that my car would not start. The electrics and lights all function
> properly; however the dashboard is reporting a consistant
> "R" (Reverse) position, regardless of what position the gear stick is
> in. I'm assuming the engine proper is OK; but the car won't start as
> the transmission is not in the "Park" position.
> The vehicle has done ~200,000kms without any particular dramas; it's
> getting close to service time but still 1,000kms to go.. and it's
> been.. 2.5years (around 30,000kms) since the last Auto Trans service.
> As it was dark; I wasn't able to properly check the automatic
> transmission fluid levels. I will travel back to the car and top that
> up today; and hoping I'll get lucky but I doubt it.
> Any ideas on what i can do?
> Many, many warm thanks,
> -scott-

Most likely, there is some sort of sensor that tells the computer in the car
what position the transmission selector is in. The most likely scenario is
that the sensor is not returning the proper position of the transmission


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