Carsoft, PARTS 1-7, Hardware list, and Software list

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Hardware list: PART1

Code Scanner Super VW/AUDI Memo Scanner 0.8KG
BMW Scan/Reset Tool 0.3KG
CAN OBDII/EOBDII reader(live data) 0.8KG
CAN OBDII/EOBDII reader(display codes) 0.8KG
OBDII/EOBDII memo scanner(live data) 0.8KG
U280 VW/AUDI Memo Scanner 0.35KG
U281 CAN VW/AUDI Memo Scanner 0.35KG
U380 OBDII/EOBDII Memo Scanner 0.35KG
U480 CAN OBDII/EOBDII Code Scanner 0.40KG
Mecedes Benz code reader for C-class 0.21KG
Mecedes Benz code reader for S&E class 0.21KG
two button OBDII/EOBDII Code Scanner 0.25KG
Chip Tuning Tool KWP2000 ECU Flasher 0.46KG
KWP2000 ECU PLUS Flahser 0.92KG
EDC16 ECU Flasher 0.50KG
SPI 28 0.80KG
BDM100 0.35KG
Odometer Correction Kit VAG Tacho USB 1.5 version 0.15KG
Techpro Kit 0.55KG
Carsoft Compatible Interface BMW Carsoft 6.5 0.75KG
Mercedes Benz Carsoft 7.4 0.75KG
MB Carsoft 7.4 Multiplexer 2.5KG
VAG Diagnostic Tools VAG PROG English version 0.24KG
HEX USB CAN VAG-COM for 512.4 0.13KG
HEX COM CAN VAG-COM for 504.1 0.12KG
USB KKL VAG-COM For 409.1 currently none 0.15KG
USB KKL VAG-COM For 409.1(Blue cable) currently none 0.15KG
COM KKL VAG-COM For 409.1 currently none 0.15KG
HEX USB CAN VAG-COM for 607.3 0.15KG
VAG Commander 0.30KG
HEX USB CAN VAG-COM for 704.1 0.15KG
Opel Diagnostic Kit OPEL Tech2 0.23KG
OPEL IMMO Reader 0.12KG
mileage change programmer TMS370 0.58KG
NEC Programmer 0.60KG
BMW M30580 0.6KG
Universal Dash Programmer 6KG
912 Programmer 0.5KG
711 Programmer 0.5KG
705 Programmer 0.5KG
908 Programmer 0.5KG
Airbag Reset Kit BMW Airbag (SRS) Scan/Reset Tool 0.3KG
VAG Airbag Reset 0.25KG
OPEL Airbag Reset 0.25KG
Airbag Resetting and Anti-Theft Code Reader 5.0KG
Key programmer T-code 4.28 Version 3.50KG
T-code 5.01 version 3.50KG
key copy tool 2.5KG
key code reader 0.5KG
BMW Key Maker 0.5KG


Hardware (Clones of original devices ) PART3

BMW SSS v 25 on HP desktop 1 PC Updating from DVD !!!
BMW DIS v 39 eng on HP laptop 1 laptop Updating from DVD
Porsche PST2 v.24 on laptop 1 laptop no kts card !


Carsoft, Car Diagnostic and Tunning equipment, Dashboard tools,
Workshop manuals PART1

Mitchell CRS Collision Repair Series, All-in-one version 3/2007, 3
DVDs, Product Coverage: 15 year model coverage,

Mitchell CRS Collision Repair Series, All-in-one version 2007, 3 DVDs,
Product Coverage: 15 year model coverage, including ( Vehicle
Dimension Information, Air Bag Service & Repair, Accessories &
Electrical, Safety Recalls, TECH-COR & Technical Service Bulletins,
HVAC, Brakes, Steering & Suspension )

The full CRS package is available on 3 DVDs

includes the following.

Vehicle Dimension Information:

Over 14 years of complete car, truck, and van coverage is listed,
including upperbody and underbody dimensions in both millimeters and
inches. This comprehensive dimension data tool features adjustable
datum height and is the only software that can be used with virtually
any frame equipment.

Air Bag Service & Repair, Accessories & Electrical:

Drive additional profits by bringing air bag repairs in house. This
top-selling title provides access to all air bag safety, repair
information, sensor location and disarming procedures so your
technicians can safely work on and around air bags.
Wiring Diagrams: Find and trace diagrams easier and faster with clear,
comprehensive schematic diagrams. Technician's Collision Repair
Guide: Bring technicians up to speed with this useful training tool.

Safety Recalls, TECH-COR & Technical Service Bulletins:

With access to over 100,000 TSBs and a complete library of recall
information, your shop can consistently troubleshoot and repair even
the hardest-to-locate problems. With indexes data by system/symptom,
finding the right solution is fast and easy.


Detailed information on removal and installation procedures for air
and heating systems as well as recharge system, freon capacity and
wiring diagrams enables shops to quickly access the critical
information needed to perform needed repairs.

Brakes, Steering & Suspension:

Make sure critical repairs are correct and complete with this
information-packed product. Procedural ("how-to") chassis repair
information is included, along with ABS and other brake systems,
wiring diagrams, and suspension-specific information.


Follow Carsoft, Car Diagnostic and Tunning equipment, Dashboard tools,
Workshop manuals PART2,
... PART3, ... PART4, ... PART5, ... PART6, ... PART7

Loads of GREAT SOFTWARE ( 20,000 plus programs DVDS and CDs),
Mobile Phone Software Collection, Medical PALM pilot programs (AKA PDA
programs), Medical CDs, Database of real estate agents in the USA, and
the Physician and Hospital Database of doctors, dentists,
chiropractors, veterinarians, pharmacies, for USA 2007 EDITION, and
the 19 Millions Vol.14 EMail Address List CD, 2007 EDITION, 2D3D Model
& Textures 3D CDs, 3D Software & NLE Software CDs, Audio Sounds Sample
CDS, AKAI, Band, BASS, BRASS, DRUM, East West, Quantum Leap Symphonic
Orchestra library ( EWQLSO ), FLUT, GIGA, Tascam GigaStudio, GROOVE,
GUITAR, HIP-HIP, HORN, Ideas, JAZZ, KURZWEIL, M-Audio Pro Sessions,
Percussion, Piano, RnB, ( R&B ), ( R and B ), ROLAND, Spectrasonics,
STRINGS, TUB, Ueberschall, Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Pro Performance
( VSL ) ( GIGA, and EXS24 and CUBE ), VIOL, Steinberg Cubase, HALion,
Nuendo, Wavelab, VST, VSTi, Yamaha Vocaloid, CBT NUGGETS, CISCO,
Carsoft, Alldata ServiceCenter, Mitchell CRS 2007, Winworks Autoshop,
AUTOMOTIVE EXPERT, Lectra.Design, Lectra.Diamino, Lectra.MODARIS, and
all other 'Lectra' programs, Apparel Software, for making sportswear
clothing, for garment-making workshops, Rockwell Allen Bradley
Programming Software, RSLogix 5, RSLogix 500, RS Linx, RSLogix 5000,
Mazak CPC Software, FANUC Robotics Simulation Software, Lantek CAD/
SESAM ( WADAM, HydroD, GeniE, Patran-Pre, Simo, DeepC ), Copra Roll
Forming, Ubeco Profil Roll Form, CAx, CAD, CAM, CAE, GIS, Roll
Forming, electronics, EDA. LSI, PCB, FPGA, VHDL, &Other Design CDs,
Naval Architecture Software Maxsurf, Autoship, FORAN, Tribon M3, NAPA,
Jewelry design Software, Digital Stock Footage & Clips CDs,
DynamicTrader RT 5.0, Elwave 8.0 + all modules, NeoTicker RT 4.0,
Tradestation 8.3 + OwnData 2.6, BWT Zones SP 5.0 ( Open Source ) ,
NeuroS 5.2 and Add-Ons, Professional Tradeadvisor 5.0, Ensign 2006,
MarketDelta eSignal, Right Line Traders v 2006, Technical
Analysis programs 2007-2004 of stocks/commodities/futures markets,
Trading, for Traders, StockMarket, other Financial software, Tutorials
& Manual CDs, Win & Mac programs, 'WinMac', 'PCMaC', 'Win-Mac',
'Multi', 'Multi-Platform', 'MultiFormat', 'MULTIOS', 'HYBRID', CDs,
Adobe CS3, 1. 3D Studio Max ( 3Ds Max ) ( 3DsMax ) Plugins Collection,
Encyclopedia for 3DSMAX, 2. After Effects Plugins Collection ]
(WINMAC), 3. Avid Xpress DV Plugins Collection, 4. Lightwave Plugins
Collection, 5. Maya Plugins Collection, Gnomon Maya eTutorials &
Manual DVDs & CDs, 6. Photoshop Plugins Collection, Loads of GREAT
GAMES ( NUANCE Speech Enabled Games ), Chess, Flight, Simulators,
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