I have a 95 Grand Prix with 3.1 engine with the digital EGR. I keep getting
the service engine soon warning. It's the EGR. All three of them.

So I checked. Power was good. And poking into the wire with a ground pin
made 2 of them 'click' but not the third. Turned out the 'set screw' on the
solenoid was in all the way. All three now work, but none of them affected
engine idle.

So, I tool the assembly off. Cleaned up everything. I started the engine.
get exhaust gas up TO the assembly base, but there is no intake vacuum draw.
I can only assume the intake is clogged.

I haven't even checked the books yet, but was wondering, how tough a job
is it to clear that out? Major disassembly? Or can I get it with a squirt


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