Hi everyone,

This is something I'm just curious about since it does not make

The four U-bolts that hold the rear leaf springs to the axle housing
on a 91 Chevy K1500 pickup, work with removable U-bolt anchor plates
that go under the axle housing. There is one anchor plate on each side
of the vehicle. Each anchor plate works with two U-bolts. The shocks
and/or shock-mounts are not connected to the anchor plates (like on
some Dodge trucks I've seen), and nothing else is mounted to the
anchor plates.

For some reason, there are two different part numbers for the anchor
plates, i.e., left and right sides for the drivers and passenger side
of the vehicle. However, both parts look identical. I held the parts
next to each other, and I looked at the parts comparing all the
features and they looked exactly the same. I measured the parts with a
tape measure and all the features and hole spacing of both parts
measured the same.

Since there are two different part numbers it seems there must be some
difference between the parts but I cannot detect the difference by
looking and measuring.

Can anyone tell me why left and right side U-bolt anchor plates are
necessary for this vehicle ? What is the difference between the left
and right side parts ?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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