Same 92 Buick Regal 100K+++

Hey all, update on the blinker/brake light, you may remember, the left
brake light didn't work, but all the blinkers and other lights worked?

The garage tried some splicing or something to rig the wires (still
have to check that out), not quite sure what the heck they did, but it
didn't work. Meanwhile, driving back to complain about this !BANG!,
loud pop! We thought it was the exhaust manifold, turned out to be a
cracked head! Strange this happened right after an oil change + fuel
filter change.

So, the car is toast. Cheaper to buy a new engine and have it put in,
but doubt my gal friend wants to do that. Tech School might be
reasonable, but the Fall semester is weeks away. So she still will have
to pay a ticket on a car that is no longer in service!???! That is just
too much. We were laughing about it yesterday, beats crying. 50 years
from now we'll all be dead, so who cares really? Cars, women and the
government, they all cost you too much money!

Do you think anything they could have done could have caused the head
to go out? Car has tons of miles on it, but as I'm paranoid thought I'd
ask. Mistrust and verify is my motto!

Thanks again again!!!

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