'89 Cavalier Z-24 with 2.8 multiport experienced difficulty starting
several times last night, but ran fine once it started. Instead of it
cranking for one second or less and it firing right off like it normally
does, I had to crank it for 5-10 seconds, several times. The engine was
at operating temperature, but this morning when cold it did the same
Anyone know what the likely cause for this is?
I've had problems in the past with the connector to the crank sensor
becoming oil fouled, apparently oil leaches up through the sensor and
gets on the connector pins, and they're known to do this, per a TSB from
I cleaned that connection with electronics cleaner and it seems pretty
normal now, although it still seems like it takes somewhat longer to
fire up than before.
Wondering if I should trust it. Any ideas? TIA

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