Did you figure out the cause? Our 2000 Impala had a bad BCM and acted like


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> Hi SgtSilicon,
> Where is this fusible link???
> Steve
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>> Should say, might not even be burned out but rather poorly connected.
>> Try removing putting back in and putting a bit of WD40 on the
>> terminals of them.
>> On Fri, 30 Jun 2006 02:42:08 GMT, secretspam@ihatespam.net
>> (SgtSilicon) wrote:
>>>Fusible link.
>>>On Fri, 30 Jun 2006 02:17:50 GMT, "shawnews" <stevemail@shaw.ca>
>>>>2000 Impala will not start.
>>>>Was running fine. Turned it off went into restaurant and car won't
>>>>Removed and cleaned battery connections, look clean.
>>>>Have lights, fan, radio...everything works.
>>>>Turn key to CRANK position, and gages all act as they normally
>>>>do...indicates the ignition switch seems OK
>>>>Removed and swapped Crank Relay with a fan relay and still no crank.
>>>>I hear no solenoid clicking when I try to start...
>>>>Placed from park to neutral and tried again...still no crank...
>>>>The car is in the parking lot of Tony Roma's at the moment waiting for
>>>>to come back with a good idea to get her going...ANY IDEAS???



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