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    I have a 1997 Buick Skylark Custom, that I've owned since it was about
    a year old, with a 2.4L engine with about 179,000 miles on it and for
    about 2 years now it has been stalling when I accelerate from a stop or
    slow coast and intermittently when coming to a stop from freeway
    speeds. When I do come to a stop, about 3 out of 4 times, the car
    feels like I'm stepping on the gas at the same time, like it's trying
    to accelerate by itself. I also noticed that my mileage has been
    affect since I used to get nearly 30mpg on the freeway and I'm now
    getting about
    23-25mpg on the average. The stalling is the worst during stop and go
    traffic, usually I have to sit there and give it a little gas (about
    1000 or so rpm) before I start moving so it will not stall. It doesn't
    seem to matter if I place into park or neutral, it will stall about 50%
    of the time. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated since I
    really do love this car.

    I installed a new precat O2 sensor in March, problems started before
    that & didn't get any worse after that. The codes I wrote down were
    P0113 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor Circuit High Voltage (no longer
    shows up), P0172 - Fuel Trim System Rich (still shows up) and P0440 -
    EVAP System (no longer shows up). The last (P0440) is just a general
    about the EVAP canister.

    I did look around the groups some more (should have done that first,
    getting upset with this problem) and found something about
    disconnecting a 4-wire connector from the TCC. I did this and the car
    seemed to run better for a bit until i had to sit and idle for a couple
    of minutes at a gate, then it stumbled before accelerating. The only
    other thing I noticed after disconnect the connector was that I no
    longer had any indication of PRND321.

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    Default Re: Stalling during take off

    A guess would be a clogged converter. Before spending big bucks,
    replace vacuum hoses

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    Sounds to me like the other groups were pretty right. 90% of the time
    cars have trouble starting from a stop is due to a problem with a
    torque converter. What happens is the torque converter's internal fins
    break off, and this causes the whole drivetrain to act funny. I had a
    Camaro that this sort of problem happened to, it accelerated very
    slowly, the car felt like it just would not shift and it would stall
    when stopping or starting. Many shops can change a torque converter for
    about $400 total; if you have that to spend on this car it would
    definitely be a good idea.

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