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Discuss Reduced Engine Power (2003 Suburban) in the forum at Car Dealer Forums; This morning when I started our 2003 suburban, I put it in drive and then ...
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    Default Reduced Engine Power (2003 Suburban)

    This morning when I started our 2003 suburban, I put it in drive and
    then received a message on the LCD display that said "Reduced Engine
    Power." The engine continued to run, but when I pushed the gas pedal,
    nothing happened. No revving, no acceleration, nothing.

    I'm not sure if this is applicable or not, but we've been having some
    electrical problems when starting the vehicle. If one of our children
    leaves the door open for a while and we try to start it, it struggles a
    little bit at first but will usually start. This morning, this
    electrical problem occurred again, but it started up okay. And then I
    received the message above. We've had a GM dealer look at the
    alternator and battery and everything is okay (according to their

    If anyone has any thoughts or ideas about this problem, I'd love to
    hear from you!
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Reduced Engine Power (2003 Suburban)

    I had the same problem this month(2003yukon) it happens 3 times to me i
    went to the dealer and they said : this problem because I modified the
    lights from halogen to xenon they told me you have to remove the xenon
    kit because it takes too much electricity from the car. so if u made
    any electrical modification u have to remove it.

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