gjb140@gmail.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE I bought used. It came with the
> navigation system, which includes the touch-screen and climate control
> buttons on the Nav system panel. I believe the hardware is made by
> Xanavi.
> I recently had two of the climate control parts break, probably due to
> the cold weather. The nav and climate control systems are working, but
> I cannot control the heat and airflow. Specifically, the "Auto" and
> the air flow direction buttons broke. After talking to a local Nissan
> dealer, I found out that they don't sell the plastic buttons to fix
> this problem (and it should be a minor fix, wouldn't you think?).
> Instead they make you purchase the entire front face, which as of
> 2/7/07, will set you back $392.80 plus labor. For 2 small plastic
> buttons.
> SO I am here wondering if others have had this problem, and if they
> have found a place that sells replacement parts, or what they did to
> get the heat/AC working in their cars.
> Thanks in advanced, I appreciate the help.

You're probably stuck buying it from a dealer. But there are several
that do business on the net that will give you a substantial discount
over list. Like Dave here:

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