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>> What's the going rate usually for a valve adjustment? I've got
>> 160,000 miles and the car runs like a champ. Very religious on
>> maintenance. I've heard I could/should maybe do a valve adjustment.
>> That being said, what exactly is it? What's involved? What do you
>> think the charge might be if I go to a dealer which I plan on doing?

> My wild guess is somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 to $300. The
> factory maintenance schedule calls for checking valve lash every 60k
> miles. "Checking" means measuring valve lash and adjusting if
> necessary.

A CHECK is relatively cheap for a 4-banger, somewhat less cheap for a V6.
An ADJUSTMENT is where the cash register starts going ka-ching.

The Toyota valve setup (pure genius if you ask me) holds true for at least
100,000 miles, and surely a lot more than that if you adhere to the
maintenance schedule.

"mrsteveo" should certainly get a CHECK done at his mileage, which should
run no more than $100 for an I4 and $200 for a V6. These would be dealer
prices, and exclusive of new gaskets.

A CHECK is very easily done by any driveway grease monkey worth his salt,
and will cost nothing at all except his time. It is a very good idea to
replace all the various sealing gaskets, though. This may cause a slight
amount of cash register dinging...


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