Are all the bulbs the same age and value as different/older /brand/ bulbs
mess with the system ?
They may have the same wattage but the values vary .

"Ken Phillips" <> wrote in message
> On 26/01/2011 20:51, David wrote:
>> Parking light Failure warning on dash.
>> All 8 bulbs replaced four at back and two side marker and front.
>> All replaced with correct wattage except RH Side marker which is 5W not
>> 3W
>> Would this cause the failure not to extinguish?
>> TIA
>> Dave

> David,
> If the sensor is anything like the one on the 740, and using a sort of
> reed relay, then the 144mA current difference between left and right
> lighting circuits could certainly unbalance the relay. You could
> experiment, and remove both LH and RH side marker bulbs, this ought to
> rebalance the lighting circuits and prove the point
> Ken Phillips

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