My car is behaving much better now. After a tranny drain/flush, throttle
body cleaning, and a new throttle pressure sensor, it is driving as it did
two weeks ago. I'd venture to say it is probably driving better too.

I was super surprised to drive home from work tonight and not have the
blinking arrow. My rough idle and funky shifting went away with last
night's fixes, but the blinking arrow was still there, even after
disconnecting the battery for a while. It was there this morning too.
However, it was gone when I drove home tonight! I guess it wasn't the PNP
switch after all.

the CEL is still on, so I guess I need to get that barometric pressure
sensor. $65 shipped for a used one with a lifetime warranty from Erie Vovo
sounds like a deal to me. Even if it did go bad again, it's so easy to
replace that I probalby won't be too bothered.


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