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Discuss Bodykits and exhaust in the Audi forum at Car Dealer Forums; I know what your all going to say, exhaust doesnt do much on an audi, ...
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    Default Bodykits and exhaust

    I know what your all going to say, exhaust doesnt do much on an audi, but my expectations are low, cant afford the SC and just need a tiny bit more juice. Which system is better. LLTEK's 2.8 Kommad series, or Pes's milltek. Also does anyone know where I could find a Oettinger front lip spoiler for sale?

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    Searc on ebay for spoiler.
    Well I think LLTEK's it's better. The sound is good

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    Most people choose to add tail fins, rear and front bumpers, and spoilers to their cars. Others prefer to create a more in-depth modification that includes light cover replacements, a new paint job, sidesteps, and sometimes exhaust pipe replacements or engine enhancements. Many of the modifications available within a car body kit are made from carbon fiber, polyurethane, or fiberglass, and this is because these materials are light, aerodynamic, and relatively sturdy.

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