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Discuss Car Dealerships - Hidden Goldmine in the Automotive Internet Marketing forum at Car Dealer Forums; Most Dealerships are sitting on a goldmine of sales... without even knowing it...? The bottom ...
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    Default Car Dealerships - Hidden Goldmine

    Most Dealerships are sitting on a goldmine of sales... without even knowing it...?

    The bottom line truth is that there is a simple, easy way to uncover the mountain of profits that are lying dormant in your dealership.

    Before I reveal the answer to you, let me ask you a question:

    Did You Know That It Is 16 Times More Expensive To Attract New Customers Using External Marketing Than It Is To: 1) Get Referrals From Current Customers, 2) Increase Customer Retention, and 3) Have Your Current Customers Return To Choose More Services?

    If we just focus on 1 of those 3 secrets right now – Customer Retention. You may think that just because you great pricing and service that your customers are plenty happy with you and would never dream of going anywhere else.

    Well, you better change your thinking! Dealerships are getting more and more aggressive in their advertising and they have absolutely no problem giving your customers special offers to lure them away from you.

    What's even worse is that studies done by large direct marketing organizations like Direct Marketing News, have found that for every month you DON'T make a meaningful contact with your customers and prospective customers ... there is a 10% reduction of their psychological relationship with you!

    So if you're ignoring your current & previous customers and you have any smarter competitive dealers in your area then you will be losing sales. The only way to ensure customer loyalty and referrals is to NURTURE the relationship you have with all of your customers.

    How can you do that if you only see them two or three times a year?

    You should be sending out an entertaining, educational, response driven Newsletter each and every month! By doing so, you will captivate your audience and ensure you are their number 1 choice!

    Combine this with email flyers of new, used or special priced inventory and you are taking a giant step forward in improving your customer retention, referrals and providing sales opportunities at their fingertips. A Win - Win Situation.

    You shoold not send out a typical, automotive oriented newsletter that bores your customers to tears. Your customers don't care about the technical aspects of your dealership, they want and need to be entertained while being educated; not preached to and bored.

    For an example - please email request to:

    Thank you.

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    EZ Business Marketing can provide your car dealeship with a website design that reflects both the professional and personal images of your business. All websites are created to be unique, customer friendly, engaging and 100% search engine friendly.The biggest advantage of EZ Business Marketing is to design a lead generating website for your dealership. A well planned out and successful busienss website should be designed to offer an enjoyable user experience, capture potential leads and be built with a solid foundation of search engine optimization and marketing techniques. Many components will create a website that is just an online flashy business card describing your dealership, not an active marketing tool which consistently brings in new leads to your dealership.

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    @AutoMarketing - Who provides the content every month? Thanks.

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    The internet marketing endeavors depends on your having the right approach.Thanks for sharing informative post.

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    There are so many tactics which are followed by the people to promote their automobile business.

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    I'm kind of new at this. But my approach will be multiple websites built around geospecific terms that people in my area are using to look for cars. Google's keyword tool is something that all of you should be using and using a lot. No sense in sinking money into keyword phrases that you're not going to get a return on.

    Retaining previous customers and prospecting amongst old sold customers is old hat. There's a new generation afoot and things are changing. The internet is where it's at now a days.

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    Questions about online advertising
    Please take a few moments to fill this out
    Thanks fromEmail=true&formkey= dHhtSW9UOXJxUGxFVXZiQmRVbGFyWlE6MQ

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    Many businesses offer automotive dealer management software solutions these days. Dealer management systems (DMS) and website integration make an enormous impact for the achievement of your company. The Internet era has arrived. If you don’t compete with the time, you might not be able to carry on in this tough competitive environment. Getting software’s online is one of the essential things which is altering this world and for fine reason. Universally, one should go for an online dealer software system DMS over a windows based system. eNvent’s dealer management system offers online dealer software solutions. eNvent’s DMS is a one-stop show for new and used automobile dealers especially battery bikes and e-bikes. We at eNvent Software Technologies help you run your business in a smooth and easy way.
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