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Discuss Removing Rear Seat in the BMW forum at Car Dealer Forums; I'm having problems removing rear seats on my 540i e39 saloon i.e not got a ...
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    Default Removing Rear Seat

    I'm having problems removing rear seats on my 540i e39 saloon
    i.e not got a clue how to remove them!

    Please help i'm pulling my hair out


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    There are many ways , one is sit to one side of the rear passenger seat, put both hands to your side, reach down and grab bottom edge of seat, and then give it a quick yank upwards. When one side pops free, go to the other side of the seat and repeat. If you need more information you can read this . BavTech E34: 1995 BMW 540i Rear Seat Removal. I hope that will help you

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    Once the standard seats have been fully removed, the next stage will be to install the bracketing systems onto which the new racing seats are to be mounted. You must remember to test the location of the mounted brackets in order to optimise your driving position. Having drilled the necessary locating holes for your seats, the easiest way to complete the installation is to fix the brackets to the seat itself - before fitting the entire race seat assembly the car as a whole.

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    Gradually pry loose the seat belt reel covers by carefully applying upward pressure. Next, fold down the armrest. At the back of the armrest cavity, near the top, pull open the Velco strip. Pull the flap of material forward. Next, shift the seat slightly upwards and pull the top of the seat forwards so that the hooks will clear the hat shelf slots. Remove the anchor bolt for the center seat belts carefully noting the orientation of the two belt ends. The seat can now be removed from the car. Be careful not to allow the seat to touch and soil the headliner as the seat is being removed.

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