All you need to know few important things while you buy a new car.

1. Never and ever try to negotiate a price for the car based on what you can pay in a month.
2. Make sure how much you can afford for every month, including tax, title & registration fees.
3. If you are going for a loan, use the maximum period of 4 years. Try to avoid extending after 4 years.
4. Be concerned with the interest rate offered by the dealers, since they will not give you the lowest rate which you can get.
5. Before you trade your old car in, spend at least two weeks having it listed on one of the online selling sites.
6. Try to make a down-payment of at-least 20% while at the time of purchase.
7. If you not sure with all these, just say the dealers that right now i need to think and will get back to you.
8. Think in mind that the car which you going to purchase is a business. So if you are not ok with the salesperson, just contact the manager and request for a new salesperson.

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