These days Craigslist has grown and is getting very competitive. What does it take to win on Craigslist?

If you ask dealers across the USA who do well on Craigslist, they all agree, that they need to have all inventory up daily. Because other dealers are posting, companies are posting every couple days, and ads will end up at the next page...Because 83% of used car buyers look there a few times a day while in the "buying cycle" to catch "the deal"...They really like that Craigslist will post fresh pre-owned cars all thru the day. So when in the "buying cycle" it only makes sense that the consumer check Craigslist not only every day, but some cases morning and night.

There's a lot of positive Chatter about ecarpost dot com - they are the new great thing for dealers on CL

They post all cars daily and it's affordable! Their custom Templates are eye catching and they also have Special Finance templates that push more customers to fill out credit applications.

They post 100% of your inventory every single day, or twice a day!
Dealer gets a dedicated rep to work with, and they will re-post any ghosts
They will post in other cities/markets - free
Call Tracking - Free
Custom template to Match your website Free
Set Up - Free

For a quote call - 949-203-0441 ext:201

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