Gubagoos Call RESQ technology combines the best of TalkSmarts 24/7 service with the industry-best RESQ innovation for monitoring and management.

New Orleans, LAJanuary 27, 2017 – Gubagoo, the leading provider of dealer communications solutions, today launched Call RESQ at the National Automobile Dealers Association conference in New Orleans. Call RESQ is an industry-first new phone management and monitoring technology designed to offer total service with flexible and targeted moderating capability.

“Imagine if you could notify the sales or service team of a hot up – right as it’s happening,” said Brad Title, CEO and Founder of Gubagoo. “Or better yet, see every call, and be able to pick and choose, to make real-time decisions that save leads and keep customers engaged. In our book, that’s what technology is for – to give your team the ability to make every sale possible.”

Call RESQ was built with that the sales objective in mind. It is a ground-breaking innovation because it combines two powerful components: TalkSmart and RESQ. TalkSmart keeps your phones open 24/7 and puts a trained rep on the call from start to finish, getting the fundamentals down like appointment setting, identifying vehicles of interest, and collecting data. Considering that 16% of all dealership calls go unanswered, that’s a significant opportunity, reclaimed for the sales team. RESQ takes it one step beyond by giving dealership sales teams the ability to see every call, and the opportunity to step in and “whisper” advice or take over.

“TalkSmart makes sure the dealership will never miss another call, and RESQ bridges the gap between dealership and customer,” said Title. “That allows the dealer to pick and choose their approach. It’s peace of mind, knowing that every call is answered, and every need is handled.”

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Based in Boca Raton, Gubagoo is the leading provider of dealer live chat, text, and call solutions. Gubagoo offers seamless integrated web-based, SMS, and call monitoring technologies for automotive dealerships. Our passion for customer service and lead conversion, makes Gubagoo the best 24/7 car dealer chat, text, and overflow call provider in the automotive industry. Gubagoo’s U.S. based operators, receive the highest level of training and certification to make certain every customer that engages in a live chat, text, or call, receives the best possible customer experience. Gubagoo delivers the best quality of service to automotive dealership customers and strives to maximize the dealership’s lead conversion rate and long-term auto sales. For more information about Gubagoo products, visit or contact 855-359-2573.

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