Procon Analytics Launches Suite of Connected Car Telematics Products and Services to Serve the Exploding Automotive Internet of Things (IoT) Industry

Pioneering auto technology leader Brian Boling returns as CEO to lead company’s international automotive IoT strategy

Irvine, CA – May 23, 2017 - Procon Analytics, a global leader in connected car telematics, today announced the rollout of a progressive new platform that powers a new suite of connected car products and services. The highly scalable platform has been designed to connect both businesses and drivers to their vehicle assets throughout the entire ownership lifecycle – and is architected to deliver unparalleled business intelligence solutions to the global auto industry.

Procon Analytics’ leaders, Brian Boling, former CEO of Connected Holdings, and Bill Cheney, COO of Connected Holdings, developed and successfully incubated the platform for two years under Connected Holdings, an Intelligent Services Platform company established to provide IoT entrepreneurs with the finances and infrastructure to kick start their business ideas.

“I’m thrilled to be back leading Procon Analytics with Bill as the industry enters the next chapter in connected car telematics and next generation IoT solutions,” said Boling, CEO. “I look forward to working with the team to develop strategy and business intelligence solutions and services for the global auto industry – it’s an exciting homecoming for me.”

The new suite of products and services joins Procon’s existing international connected car solutions and enables the company to deliver a more efficient, value-driven connected car and tracking process to US automotive retailers and lenders, while simultaneously innovating solution features, business intelligence, IoT and big data solutions for the global automotive industry.

Procon’s multi-national suite of products now includes:
· Procon Automotive, a dealer lifecycle management and customer retention solution platform serving new car auto dealers throughout North America.
· Elo GPS, a stolen vehicle recovery and driver monitoring mobile app sold through new car dealerships designed for consumers.
· MyCar, a mobile app allowing drivers to remotely start a vehicle from their smartphone and sold throughout North America.
· Oigo Telematics, a fleet management & vehicle recovery system supporting businesses in Latin America.

Automotive IoT is exploding – analysts forecast the connected car market will be worth nearly $155.9 billion globally in 2022[1] and that over 380 million[2] connected vehicles will be on the road as soon as 2021 (up from 36 million in 2015) – and Procon is poised to lead the way once again.

“Bringing this technology under the Procon Analytics portfolio enables us to deliver leading-edge features, applications and functionality to our customers, providing high value solutions to improve profitability. And, ultimately, our data analytics group will provide customers with business intelligence and insights based on the unique data Procon is able to mine within the connected car ecosystem,” said Bill Cheney, Procon Analytics’ CTO and Managing Director.

Boling, a trailblazer in automotive GPS, holds multiple IoT patents leveraging GPS technology. Boling’s earlier tenure at Procon, which he originally founded in 2003, saw the company deliver nearly 4 million connected automotive GPS tracking devices. A Procon spin off company, Spireon, was the first and only aftermarket automotive group in the USA to reach delivery of over 1 million devices per year. Today Spireon is the undisputed leader in risk mitigation solutions for the sub-prime industry in the USA and one of the fastest growing in transportation telematics.
A pioneer in automotive IoT, Cheney was a founder of Drive OK, one of the first companies in vehicle finance IoT. Previously, Cheney served as a senior executive in Qualcomm’s semiconductor and international investment divisions. Cheney specializes in operational processes and systems that are critical success factors to an IoT company’s ability to scale, sustain growth and deliver strong returns. His recent work in big data analytics focuses on new, exciting sources of growth and profitability.
About Procon Analytics

Procon Analytics, a global leader in automotive telematics, is dedicated to bringing better, more efficient, more value-driven connected car features, along with next-generation channel management processes, to US automotive retailers and lenders, while simultaneously innovating data, business intelligence and IoT solutions for the global automotive industry. Procon Analytics currently operates in the US, Canada and Latin America with a focus on creating big data solutions for the automotive industry.

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