I have been buying ford vehicles for 20 years now. But after my last run in with "Varsity Ford of Ann Arbor, mi" I think I'm done. I bought a 03 focus for 6500 hundred dollars. In Jan 08. Two days later the engine and fuel light comes on and I take it to the service Dept (with witch I had good service) and they reset the code. Well I have a service order that shows they had to do this 3 months earlier already. Ok no problem. Well the service teck told me if it happens again bring it back because it could be something else and he needed at least a ½ tank of gas to do the vacuum test. So………30 days later same engine light and fuel cap light comes on again. I call service he says bring it in. I get to the dealership and the service dept tell ME to go to my sales person and tell him that his dept will have to pay for the service. I do. The rude service dept manager sends out a sales person to tell me he is not paying for it. So I buy a car for over 6 thousand dollars that the engine light is on all the time now he wants 300 dollers to fix something that they never fix anyway. Oh and they drained 20 dollar of gas out of my car to do the vacuum test because they need only a ½ tank nota full like thay told me. And no the sales manager said he is not replacing it.

Wonder way people buy Honda's.



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