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Our full color 3-day / 2-night travel certificates will be imprinted with your business name for you to give to your customers to increase leads and create sales. Your cost is just 35 cents each. No minimum purchase required. Same day shipping. We guarantee to honor every certificate! A phone number, website and address are on the back of each certificate. This is Not Timeshare!

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Our gasoline redemption voucher requires you to purchase $100.00 in gasoline at your desired station your receipts must be from the same gasoline provider and total $100.00 or more. You must mail them to our gasoline redemption center in order to receive a $25.00 preloaded redemption card for use at the desired station.

Give our certificates a try.
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Companies are not letting this economy effected their business. They are give people reasons to open up their wallets once again.

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