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Discuss Do they really love us? in the Chat forum at Car Dealer Forums; Hello, Im currently conducting research for my degree investigating the relationship between people who work ...
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    Smile Do they really love us?


    Im currently conducting research for my degree investigating the relationship between people who work at car dealerships and manufacturers (head office staff) looking at how well they are supporting each other at this hard time.

    Due to the topical nature of this subject I've been trying to gain the opions from as many car dealerships as possible but am not having much success, so much so that my reasearch may not meet the standard required to pass as not enough people are willing to tell me what they think!

    Below is a link to a questionaire Im working on, if you have a spare 5 minutes I would really appreciate your help! - all responses are confidential......If anyone does want varification that this work is purley for academic reasons please let me know!
    If you dont have enough time to fill in my questionaire I would be really interested in gaining your thoughts on the relationship you have with your car manufacturer - is it good? do they provide you with all the assitance they can.....all comments welcome!!

    Thanks for your help!


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    probably not the best time to get this research, you're going to get a lot of negative feedback about certain manufacturers because of recent events. Best of luck on your research though, I wish I could help as a fellow researcher but I no longer work at a dealership that has a relationship with a manufacturer.

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    wish you all the best for your research.I hope you should get a good response of dealers to make research a best one.

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