Article marketing is one of the most popular strategies in the MLM industry. In fact, this strategy can produce high quality leads faster than practically any other marketing method.

By now, you are hopefully confident of the unstoppable potential of the Internet - and the revolutionizing influence that it can have on your network marketing business. Often overlooked by MLM marketers, article marketing is incredibly significant.

Article Marketing: What Is It?

It truly is relatively a simple concept. By writing posts or brief articles that add value, or provide helpful information along with a quick byline and pointing to your business through contact information is all that article marketing is. Since the articles are free and valuable to the reader, they are generally read by potential customers. Those potential customers are your leads when they gain interest and get in touch with you.

Article Marketing: Why Does It Work?

There are several essential guidelines that must be followed for article marketing to be successful. Your article won't be read if it is't found. And in order for articles to be found, they must be search engine optimized. This is not a problem for beneficial niche articles where they generate high search-engine rankings. When a person searches for a niche item and then finds your article, they will make contact with you and most likely become a quality lead for you.

How can I execute article marketing?

While article marketing is incredibly effective and will have long term benefits for your network marketing business, it is not easy to do and will take time for you to see these results. To get the most benefit from your labors, here are some helpful tips.

1 - Write daily. Become an an author, and write something every day. It may take twenty minutes or it may take a hour. Whatever the cost, write. The result of the discipline of constantly churning out content is that you will do better than the competitors and gain the lion's share of search engine results. That is why this is the number one way to get leads.

2 - Spread bookmarks all over the Internet. This will make certain your article can be found on any of the multitudes of social bookmarking sites.

3 - Spin the article. In this way you are making other versions of the same article that can be posted on additional sites. The same broad message can be submitted to other major article directories only if the article itself is unique. There is software to help you with this job.

4 - Make sure all of the articles link back to the primary article. This simple method will ensure your articles continue at the top of the search engine rankings.

5 - Use video to complement your article. A video about your article creates the sense that your article is important and they should read it. Then publish your video all over the Internet with a link pointing back to your article. You can find worthwhile tools to help you with this, too.

These down-to-earth tips are very powerful. Yes they take time, but it's time well spent. This strategy will propel you to significant success with your MLM business and result in tons of quality leads and prospects.

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