I bought a car for a friend and did all the work to be safetied it .. great safety... she couldnt' take the car as she lives in toronto and doesn't have 30,000 for a parking spot so i drove car for 2wks i love it but have a car..so decided to sell it before safety was up. long story short sold the car...they test drove it loved it bought it...drove away with it... 4days later i get a call that they did a bunch of work on it and they want 617 bucks from me.. said they needed ball joints and alignment etc and brake lines were rusty (not wet not leaking) but they wanted them replaced so they did it) and now they want me to pay for everything!!! what the heck... first they said they want 200 then i get a call they want 617. the total bill... my question is..at the time my safety was done it was done right.... a GOOD SAFETY and now they want more 3weeks later.... do i have to pay this or is the safety good for 36days to "resell or license" it or is it good for items to be fixed..please help..he is treatening to go to MTO and sue the dealership that did safety???

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