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Discuss BlogPro Automotive Has Moved!!! in the Chat forum at Car Dealer Forums; Please visit BlogPro Automotive for the latest postings and to post comments on any entries. ...
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    Exclamation BlogPro Automotive Has Moved!!!

    Please visit BlogPro Automotivefor the latest postings and to post comments on any entries. My old blog is no longer in use.

    Because of the Blogger upgrade, I was not able to import the entries and comments from the old blog to the new one, so I added all the entries manually. Unfortunately, I was not able to restore everyone's comments. When Wordpress supports the new Blogger system I should be able to do something, but in the meantime, please know I am sorry for this.

    Thank you for your support and I look forward to continued blogging together. Click here to visit the new live blog.

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    As of Sept 17, BlogPro Automotive was retired. In its place now is the new AutoConversion Blog along with the AutoConversion Vox Spot.

    AutoConversion is a new blog marketing program for car dealers. It is a growing network of blogs designed to establish authority with search engines to represent car dealers throughout the country. Our focus with AutoConversion is to assist dealers with their online brand awareness via search marketing and social media marketing.

    The AutoConversion Blog, or AC Blog, is our primary product. We run channels on it targeted towards specific search markets to demonstrate the RSS Marketing portion of the AC product.

    The AC Vox Spot is now being utilized as the Relational Marketing component of the AC Network. This Vox Spot is a company/product blog.

    Please contact us for more information about the AC platform, or reply to this thread with your inquiry.

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