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    Question Upper oxygen sensor

    I have a failure code of PO 135, O2 Heater circuit, Bank 1, Sensor 1. The upper O2 sensor has been replaced with 3 new sensors, the last on being the original OEM one according to the VIN number ( Denso sensor ). The Idiot light will go back on after a mile or 2 miles of driving after reset. The lower O2 sensor has been replaced just as a precaution. The EGR module has also been replaced. The 5 volt current is applied to the oxygen sensor verified by a check on a Dodge OEM analyzer. The vehicle is a Dodge Caravan, 2005, 3.3 L V6

    Does anyone have any ideas? Is there any technical information on the operation of the O2 sensor? ( resistance check or impedance check of the O2 sensor)

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    should be 4. just check the actual plug that is still there on the harness.

    but yeah, should be 4 wire, though the HX model was the goofy one with the e-vtec engine so I'd say to check the plug on the harness that the o2 sensor plugs into.

    4wire = two grounds, one heat and one signal wire.

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