Hi there,
Bought a used 1998 Dodge Caravan last week. Took straight to get inspected and emissions tested. Well, contrary to the seller's statements, the van will not pass emissions.

I am told the van's readiness lights would not report out. That I was to drive it for a week, bring it back, and it should pass. Well we did just that and it still will not pass. Just the readiness lights read "fail".

Mechanic says he hooked up his hand held and gets "zero starts since last check". He says the van is erasing the memory every time I start it up or shut it off. He says that he believes I need a new BCM and that will fix the problem. However, I think he is just stabbing in the dark. I trust him, as he hasn't charged me a dime for any of his services. However, I don't want to shell out anymore then necessary just to pass the emissions test. The van runs spot on. Great for the age of the van and 146K that reads on the odometer.

Does anyone know what my next steps should be? Or offer any insight on what to do?


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