Have a 2006 Chrysler 300 C that developed an irritating rattle that no one could find, Chrysler dealer; muffler shop.

Had a private mechanic check it out and after several hours of diagnosis, checking on mechanic chat forums he had no solution.

Then with one of his mechanics they were driving and noticed when the car hit rough roads it rattled. By chance he put his foot on the brakes and voila, the rattle stopped. They tried it a few more times and that seemed to solve the problem.

Back at the shop he top off the front tires and determined that the problem was a small shaft on the calipers had worn from moving up and down and would rattle when the front tires hit bumps or rough roads.

Interesting. He purchased rebuilt calipers to save me money. But alas the rattle was back within 2 days.

The problem was that the rebuilt calipers did not replace the small shaft in the calipers and thusly it was worn and rattle too.

Brand new calipers solved the problem and have not had the rattle for 6 months.

Just some well intentioned suggestions from a very happy and satisfied Chrysler 300 customer. Best car I have ever owned in 50 years of driving.

Bud Abraham

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