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Discuss Finally Your Craigslist Marketing Man IS HERE! in the Classified Sites forum at Car Dealer Forums; Hello, My name is Randy James. I just became a reseller for a hot new ...
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    Default Finally Your Craigslist Marketing Man IS HERE!


    My name is Randy James.

    I just became a reseller for a hot new product.

    Offering it for dirt cheap because I am just starting out a need a few more dealers under my belt.

    Here is what I offer:

    All of your inventory fed into my software
    Feed inventory to:

    The Cool Part
    Auto template rotation - NO MORE GHOSTING
    50 quick post- Yes POST Fifty Ads to be qued to post on a timer!
    Quick renew- YES Renew all of your ads on AUTO
    Caller ID- Ever get a missed call? Know what the customer was calling about then close the deal!
    Call recording! - Ever wanted to know how that new sales guy was doing?! Conquer Objections!
    Credit apps- Yes the customer can fill oout a credit app attached to your craigslist ad!
    Trade in Form- Yes the customer can fill out info on his trade
    Tracking views- Yes you can see views to clicks find out what is the best seller!
    Dashboard- A simple dashboard even your receptionist can do it!

    I want to set up my pricing off of either leads generated or flat cost per month!
    Willing to set up a few deals at my cost!
    My last dealer got 17 new leads in 3 days!
    Can be fed from ANY WEBSITE

    Please call me or use this thread to ask any questions!
    Randy James

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    Craigslist is seriously one of the worst sites i've ever visited. Why even bother..

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    yeah, dunno about craigslist haha

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