Last week, I found a Subaru Outback posted online for $5550. It was a 2001 with 89,000 miles. I test drove the car, had my mechanic check it out, and then went into the office with the dealer, her name is Sharon. I ask Sharon if there is any wiggle room on the price and she brought the price down $100. Total cost with tax and tags came to $5950. I went home that night, discussed it with my wife, and I agreed to the price. I made the offer to Sharon on Thursday, and we had a deal. I couldn't close on Friday because of the blizzard, so I told her I'd come in Saturday with a deposit and that we'd close Monday. Before I get there Saturday, she calls and tells me that she can't sell the car, and that her mgr. wants $6450. Why would a car dealer pull a bullshit stunt like this. I'm calling the Attorney General. To me, this is a bait and switch. She gets me to the lot by advertising one price, and after we make a deal, the price goes up. Do car dealers do this often?

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