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Discuss Autosoft International - Pros and Cons in the Dealer Management Systems forum at Car Dealer Forums; Hello, I am trying to decide whether to keep Reynolds and Reynolds or switch to ...
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    Talking Autosoft International - Pros and Cons


    I am trying to decide whether to keep Reynolds and Reynolds or switch to Autosoft. The cost of our current system is approximately $3400 but Autosoft is $1000. Obviously the monthly reduction in payment is attractive.

    Is anyone currently utlizing Autosoft for a dealership selling approximately 60-80 vehicles a month? Does the system integrate automatically between departments? If a Service Ticket is open will it show up on the finance screen? Is there a limit on the number of RO lines on each repair order? Do you have to install a T1 line? If a trade vehicle is processed in Finance does it automatically show up in Service before the accounting is punched?

    Any insite would be greatly appreciated.



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    Default Autosoft international DMS Answers to your questions

    Hello My name Scott. I would be happy to answer your ASI DMS questions.

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    you will love autosoft and the money you will save.

    i have been on since i boughjt my kia-Isuzu dealership in 1999. Have expanded to remote locations, and have retailed over 200+ units per month with NO hang ups.

    Save the money!

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    Sandy -- AutoSoft is def. a proven solution for your size dealership. We have approx 1900 customers utilizing ASI today. Judging by the comments below our users are backing up the system on its functionality. But to answer your questions from your post. The system is completely integrated from TOP to BOTTOM. If a service ticket is created on a vehicle that you have in inventory you will be able to see that RO and what is being applied to that vehicle from multiple areas in the Finance module. There is a limit of lines on an RO that being 12, although we do have the continuation RO functionality to help alleviate that issue, we do not get alot of kickback from dealers on that topic, furthermore, if you are a GM or Ford dealer when you are processing your warranty claims you can add additional lines to that RO to send to Manufacturer. You DO NOT have to install a T1 line that is actually something you could get rid of, which in essence will save you even more money per month? Typically, we can work with any type of connection you have to the internet, if you have multiple locations -- fiber optics is def. going to be the fastest connections to the network. Your last question -- if a trade vehicle is processed in finance as soon as you wash the deal to accounting i.e. accounting has yet to book the car it will make a service record for your service department.

    Sandy a few questions for you, you can either answer them here or give me a call at the AutoSoft Corporate Office my number directly is 800-473-4630 ext. 1219 I will be more than happy to speak to you about any questions you may have additionally.

    1.What dealership/franchise are you with?
    2.Besides money what else are you looking to accomplish by switching DMS providers?
    3.What services/modules can you not live without that you have available to you in your current DMS?
    4.When does your contract end with R&R?

    I hope this insight helps

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