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Discuss Want recommendations for DMS and CRM preferably web-based. in the Dealer Management Systems forum at Car Dealer Forums; We used CAT systems or whatever it has become now but it was slow and ...
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    Default Want recommendations for DMS and CRM preferably web-based.

    We used CAT systems or whatever it has become now but it was slow and not very flexible. I have a wholesale and retail business and need something that is easy to implement and I can justify the cost.

    We are adding some financing sources and have warranties we sell but need something to manage customers, print contracts and track inventory costs.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    The best company for this is VinSolution, however they can be expensive (I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for though). Another avenue that you may look into is eLeads, as they are a little more cost effective however I am not sure if they can accomplish each piece that you are looking for.

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    MenuSys would be a great fit for you, we offer finance and desking menus that include DMS and CRM integration. The software is web based and includes inventory tracking as well. Its also affordable. Let me know if your interested in doing a demonstration.
    Shayne V
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    My Name is Jake
    I am new to forums, so please be patient with me.
    Me and My friends have developed a web based automotive sales portal.
    We are looking for dealerships to test this system.
    This sales portal includes :
    - Inventory Management System
    - Dealer Management System ( BuyHere- PayHere is included, but as an option ) ( Sales, BMV Forms and etc )
    - Customer Management System
    - Automated Posting Tool
    - Internet Marketing ( automatically submits your listing via data feeds to multiple sites )
    - Many more features ( just have to join to see )

    We are looking for some Dealers to test drive this sales portal, for an exchange of free access.
    To first 250 Dealers we will give the following benefits:

    1) Free web site with domain name ( we will reserve and pay for the domain name )
    2) Free Logo Design ( we will set you up online )
    3) Free full access to DMS System
    4) Free full access to all premium services

    If you are interested, please call my cell phone: (574)575-5874
    Thank you,
    Discover something unique:

    Discover the Simplicity
    Experience the Intelligence
    PowerOn Your Dealership!

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