Hello All! My name is Alex Wiest and I work for Friday Systems, Inc. We are known for our Lot Wizard Dealer Software. We now have a solution for those looking for an affordable web based lot software that is also easy to use. For those who already use Lot Wizard, the usability and look of it will not change. Signing up for Lot Wizard Remote Hosting allows you to access Lot Wizard on the move and utilize it for multiple locations. Here's how it works...

We have remote servers currently setup at a secure location that will store all of your Lot Wizard information, this deletes the need to make backups. Once you sign up you will receive a user name and password for each remote user you sign up for and each user account can be operated from any location and can be operated at the same time as the other users. This is great for people who have multiple dealer locations or those who just want to do work at home.

Pricing: Remote hosting starts at only $155.00/Mo!

Remote Host Setup Fee (one time): $300.00
Remote Host Monthly Service Fee: $155.00/Mo (Includes 2 users and first dealer location within Lot Wizard*)
Additional Remote User Accounts: $25.00/Mo
Additional Dealership Locations* $45.00/Mo (This is the price of the Lot Wizard software per location with or without remote hosting*)

*Note: Lot Wizard has the ability to switch between up to 4 different locations within one database.

Keep in mind that we do NOT charge for the following!

Forms Programming (unless it is custom, IE. form is specific to your dealer, call if you are unsure)
Add banks/financial sources
Buy Here Pay Here
Unlimited amount of deals

NO BINDING CONTRACT (all services are pre-paid)

IF you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at 800-677-7160 or just ask away on this site!

Alex E Wiest
Friday Systems
800-677-7160 x106

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