One of my dealerships recently subscribed to the ADP/CDK cloud services from the on-site server version. If your dealer principal has the choice of moving from on-site to the cloud system ... ADVISE THEM NOT TO DO IT. I have never seen such a clown show as what went on with our conversion. First of all, they sold the dealership so much redundant and overpriced hardware that it is unbelievable what they are using for excuses to justify for the back end. Second of all, the installation was anything less than very disruptive to regular business. The general manager at this dealership had so many business day interruptions and down-time I was thanking the gods it had nothing to do with me. Thirdly, the guy that was installing it here on the site was pretty clueless. He spent most of his time on his cell phone with CDK finding out where things had to be plugged in.

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