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Discuss Used Vehicle Web Site for Dealers in the Dealership Web Sites forum at Car Dealer Forums; Hi, Here's a good web site for used vehicles. There are some offers, seems competitive. ...
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    Default Used Vehicle Web Site for Dealers


    Here's a good web site for used vehicles. There are some offers, seems competitive.


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    Default Dealer Website

    Smaller used car companies can't afford BZ Results or Cobalt. This used car website can be built and is easily edited by the dealer themselves. They will also own it for life. It's an Optimized Website so you will blow your competition away as far as visitors go. It's your product that needs to sell!

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    Talking Take a look at

    Try looking at this up and coming car site called
    You can buy, sell, review, comment and communicate on rides in a truly interactive environment at The best part is registration is 100% free. Dealers can sign up and advertise their cars to viewers and members at ATR. Just like regular members, they can interact with other members and get involved in the community.
    Give it a try!


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    the link in the main post isn't working for me. Anyone else having this problem?

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    Default Can't afford BZ,, Dealerskins, Cobalt or any of the others?


    InvenTrack now with craigslist template and more!

    We offer you virtually the samething franchise dealers are paying thousands a month for at a one time fee. Complete with free installation, setup and testing.

    If you have not moved to InvenTrack now is the time. With this new addition you can post professional ads on both craigslist and eBay using the new template. Read below for more information about this new release.

    We have just released InvenTrack v3.3. With this new version we have added the ability to create a craigslist and eBay template in one click! Here is a example post from one of our dealers:

    We are planning more templates as time progresses and will be sending them out as they are created.

    Dealers everyday large and small are switching to InvenTrack because of the powerful interface and features it offers without the high monthly fees found in competing products. Take the time to take a look at our feature list at: and see why the dealers listed below have moved to InvenTrack for their dealership website.

    Woody Bilton Ford –
    Oromocto Auto Sales Ltd. -
    Karl's Chevrolet -
    Galena Chrysler –

    View our demo dealer website:

    Please stay tuned for more exciting features to come with InvenTrack.

    P.S. We would love to hear any suggestions you may have for future releases of InvenTrack. If you have something please email us at and we will try and include it in a future release.

    Thank you,
    Ray Cuzzart II
    Ideal Web Solutions

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    Default Why pay more when you can pay less.

    More and more dealers are opting for the ultimate websites, the most effective management tools and the easiest marketing tools for just $69/month.

    Get your account today at
    V12 Software has all the features offered by other vendors delivered at a fraction of their prices.

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    Default Web Sites Are Not A Cost, But An Opportunity For Sales

    I get the low cost sttitude to web sites and their standardization. For many dealers, it is the best alternative.

    However, I do not look at websites as a cost, but an opportunity to have / make additional sales. The upfront cost of the website, is not the most important is the return on your investment in the website. If a more expensive website brings the business to justify itself and more, then it is the better choice.

    If a low cost website produces a little, the argument can be that it is cost effective. But, is it making the most of the opportunity in your market to earn or get additional business for you. What is the cost of leaving that potential business on the table?

    Somethings that custom websites have to offer are, the ability to adjust... to the market...the evolving customer expectations for your website...changes in your business model and inventory.

    Low cost is good. Productive and cost effective is better though, whether it be cheap or not, in initial cost.

    My thoughts.

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    Default Low cost does not mean below average

    I totally understand your point, and it is well taken.
    When we started, many people associated low cost with low quality.
    That is why I understand where you are coming from.

    However, today, you can get a very well designed and very effective website for $69/month including all the features that you need to manage and market your dealership.

    Why would you pay more when you can pay less (of course, for the same thing.) ?


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