Many dealers spend many dollars on their "Main Website". All GM dealers now get a free basic website through Cobalt. So now dealers have 2 websites. I had the opportunity to work for a dealer here in Central Florida who owned 3 different roof tops.

I actually went in there to sell them a product of mine, and they ended up hiring me. This was a good opportunity for me! I got a chance to learn what dealers are doing now and how they are performing.

They had just signed a 3 year contract with a company (which I will not name) for over $300,000! I was horrified because I have the unique ability to glance at a website for about 20 seconds and see what kind of value it has. This website had no value! It could be great for a dealer that spends a lot of money on TV advertising with an easy domain to remember. Other then that it was useless unless you want to pay for every visitor.

Then it was announced that all GM Dealers get a free Cobalt site. Now they had used Cobalt in the past and I had the opportunity to see the stats. I was excited to try it, but dissapointed at the results of 17 unique visitors a day.

The first thing I did when I started was develop our own "in house" website that would have one purpose, and that's to have every page indexed in search engine. The whole idea of this was to have each actual car or truck come up in searches for each town or area.

Two months later here are the stats for each site:
  1. No Name Big Money Site: An average of 40 unique visitors a day (with advertising)
  2. Cobalt Site: 17 visitors a day (with just advertising from GM themselves)
  3. In House Website: Between 150 and 360 "unique" visitors a day.(Not a single penny in advertising) Obviously this was our biggest lead generator. Here is a page from it: FloridaCarsOnline
Test it, go ahead. This company was located in Haines City, Florida. Do this search in Google: used cars haines city, fl . Last time I checked we were number 1 and 2. Do you have any idea of the power of owning your town with a search like that? That's not it either, in the last 30 days we ranked on over 1,000 different keyword phrases in Google alone.

Basically we "steal" the visitors from the third party sites before they get them and sell to you anyway. Did you notice that all of the other search results were third party websites?

This technology was developed by myself and a talented php programmer named Patrick Bennett. It is more then just a "website", and we're not going to give our secrets away but if you are interested or have any questions, call Mike at 863-812-6411.

I can confidently say the following:

  1. We Blew Away Autotrader and
  2. We Blew away ALL Dealer Websites
  3. We own Haines City with searches (cars & trucks) and we own Central Florida. Another test? Do a search for "central florida corvette dealer" in Google. It's actually funny to me because they only have 2 corvettes
  4. These is nobody using our technology in the world. They say "Loose Lips Sink A Ship". We believe in that and we will divulge our secrets to other companies.
  5. Your only monthly fees will be performance based. If your website doesn't perform then you don't pay. That's how confident we are!
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