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Discuss website for our business in the Dealership Web Sites forum at Car Dealer Forums; Hello We donít have a website for our dealership, but we know that we need ...
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    Default website for our business


    We donít have a website for our dealership, but we know that we need one.

    The problem is that there are so many options that we donít know which to go with that is going to be effective. Hoping that you would be kind and give us some advice.

    What do you use for your website and what are the pros and cons of it?

    What would be the ideal setup?

    Money is always an issue, so we are just looking for some guidance please?

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    Default Dealer Web Sitesaler Sites

    We offer Custom Dealer Websites with these features (Unlimited Inventory, 6 Images per Vehicle, Custom Design, Hosting, Domain Name, Facebook app to show inventory on your Facebook page, easy to use Site Manager, Internet Marketing and a lot more) for only $10/month if you have any questions you can call me (740)407-5270

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    Before you do anything, ask yourself what would you like to achieve. Are you just interested in telling the world that you have a web site? Are you planning on divining traffic to the site of potential prospects? If the plan is to drive traffic to the site, that costs money, what is your plan as far as generating leads or even sell directly from the site... These are some of the foundamental questions you need to ask yourself before you embark on such effort.

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    Post Looking for Dealers to test web based DMS

    My Name is Jake
    I am new to forums, so please be patient with me.
    Me and My friends have developed a web based automotive sales portal.
    We are looking for dealerships to test this system.
    This sales portal includes :
    - Inventory Management System
    - Dealer Management System ( BuyHere- PayHere is included, but as an option ) ( Sales, BMV Forms and etc )
    - Customer Management System
    - Automated Posting Tool
    - Internet Marketing ( automatically submits your listing via data feeds to multiple sites )
    - Many more features ( just have to join to see )

    We are looking for some Dealers to test drive this sales portal, for an exchange of free access.
    To first 250 Dealers we will give the following benefits:

    1) Free web site with domain name ( we will reserve and pay for the domain name )
    2) Free Logo Design ( we will completely set you up online )
    3) Free full access to DMS System
    4) Free full access to all premium services

    If you are interested, please call my cell phone: (574)575-5874
    Thank you,
    Attachments Pending Approval Attachments Pending Approval
    Discover something unique:

    Discover the Simplicity
    Experience the Intelligence
    PowerOn Your Dealership!

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