How's everyone doing?

I hope everyone here is having a great new years party!

My name is Ivann Phillips.

I'm 21 years old.

I do Software as a Service in the car dealership industry.

I recently joined this forum and I'm posting right now to tell you guys exactly what you should expect from me.

But a bit about me first.

I'm a Software Entrepreneur and I personally work with car dealership owners and managers to solve their biggest frustrations and problems they are currently facing.
(things that take up too much time, use up too much profit, and just are plain inefficient. it can be anything, even the most ridiculous)

Here are my 3 main objectives at the end of the day:

1)Find a problem and frustration someone is having.

2)Create a tool that will eliminate the problem and frustration

3)Hopefully, create a good business relationship with the individual I've helped.

I truly hope I can bring value to you guys.

Any questions are welcome!

Be Well All!


I don't offer any services or products. Sorry.

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