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Discuss New Ford Escape in the Ford forum at Car Dealer Forums; My daughter bought an 09 Escape last year. She lives out in the country a ...
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    Question New Ford Escape

    My daughter bought an 09 Escape last year. She lives out in the country a fair distance from any town. When she dropped by for a visit a few weeks ago, I set her up with a full size spare tire and was surprised to learn that when she bought the vehicle, they only gave her one key. Is this the norm, or, is a second (spare) key something you have to negotiate for when purchasing a new vehicle?

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    The 2011 Ford Escape might be the smallest SUV in Ford’s lineup, but overlooking it would be a large mistake. With a long list of standard and available options, the 2011 Escape combines SUV practicality and carrying capacity with fuel economy and a low sticker price.

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    Yes 2011 Ford Escape is smallest SUV in Ford Lineup, But In 2016, Lots of moderation in Ford Escape, Just you can check on East Court Ford and compare prices, features and more..

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