Looks like eXteres is officially coming out of its pilot program. They have a unique method for SEO, quite proprietary, and it is a hybrid of sorts to how good PPC systems work today, I think, in that they create proxy services for call tracking.

The system is supposedly all automated and I know it puts tremendous emphasis on immediate local markets which I think makes it highly credible. Often times I see SEO companies focus on just the major metro markets.

I can not help but wonder though, how an SEO product can be exclusive like it is without a premium and still offer a really good ROI. You would think that the exclusivity comes with a price tag, thus challenging the ROI.

As stated in the article,
"With brand exclusivity in a 10-city metro market, there's never going to be a question about our commitment to our dealers."
"When I consider what I'm spending with eXteres, in terms of true ROI Web traffic, calls and sales eXteres is outperforming all my other marketing investments by at least 10-to-1," stated Mark Parkinson, general manager and dealer principal for the Tustin Auto Group, who uses the program at his two stores and across five brands. "It seems too good to be true, but it is true."
That's a powerful statement and is sure to catch the eye of a lot of Car Dealers.

I was first introduced to eXteres several months ago by a colleague in Texas. When I demoed the product I was sorely disappointed in the lack of accuracy put on the true needs and interest of the Dealerships we were testing. They were skeptical about revealing too much to me about their program because I was coming from the interest of an SEO provider and as a result we did not get as far as pricing.

As great as the system sounds, it is a mystery for me. But my interest is sparked because I think that SEO service today needs to be about more than SEO.

We focus on Interactive Brand Marketing which is good for SEO. eXteres is focused on conversion specifically by way of phone calls. Not sure how this impacts the SEO Marketing, but I suspect it is good for Dealership Sales, which of course is what this is all about.

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