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Discuss Interest in billboards? Coop-able in the General Car Biz Talk forum at Car Dealer Forums; *** Hello - Is this of interest to car dealers? It is coop-able. *** Only ...
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    Default Interest in billboards? Coop-able

    *** Hello - Is this of interest to car dealers? It is coop-able. ***

    Only 1 Car Dealer per Grocery Store

    Take a look around your area. How many grocery stores are there? How many grocery stores are with 5 miles of your store?

    For years there has been a rack of car papers near the exit of the store. They’re always there. You've seen them. You may already have ads in them.

    People do NOT purchase a car every week. People DO visit grocery stores every week. YOU want to be in their face, in the front of mind, for when they are ready to purchase a car.

    We have a limited, new opportunity that will enable you to exclusively “own” that grocery store for a minimum of 20 weeks. 1 dealer per grocery store. High Exposure For your store. A beautiful large billboard.

    We can even help you by doing the coop paper work.

    For additional details on this "1 dealer per grocery store" offer, please email me at

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    More --- Watch this video to get a better idea of the program. (We will even do the coop paperwork for you.)

    [ click --> ] YouTube - Advertising Opportunity

    Watch the video and then email me at

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