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Discuss Salvage titles with little apparent damage in the General Car Biz Talk forum at Car Dealer Forums; Hi, I have been perusing the online salvage sites and in some cases the damage ...
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    Default Salvage titles with little apparent damage


    I have been perusing the online salvage sites and in some cases the damage to the vehicle seems very slight (i.e. a quarter panel and a door need to be replaced), and yet the vehicle has a salvage title. Can somebody explain to me why this is?



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    Because the cost is always high to repair a car to insurance standards . A simple door replacement could cost $2000 and up . There are ALOT of clear title vehicles that are border line salvage titles that are not required by a insurance companys to surrender the clear title and get a salvage title because of what each state's percentage is to repair a vehicle.Like texas I think is 70% I could be wrong but if a car gets into a wreck and falls below that 70% the insurance company will still pay the vehicle off and then send it to auction where they know they are going to make good money because it has a clear title.Rebuilder's will fix it and sell it .Cars with hail damage alot of time will get a salvage tile ,as we'll as theft recoverys etc. Total loss as it is said isnt a brand like salvage or rebuilt or clean , it merely means a insurance company didnt meet the states requirements to salvage it but they didnt want to fix it either so they report the vehicle a total loss, has nothing to do with salvage. I personally have rebuilt over 300+ clear and salvage cars and I can tell you if done right they are every bit as good as a non wrecked car , but it has to be done right. I have seen alot of hacked together cars because people havent a clue what there doing.Hope this helps.

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    Did you check the vehicle history reports from different sources? I checked 3 different reports, carfax, autocheck, and VInaudit. Carfax and autocheck are quiet expensive but Vinaudit reports are just $1 each(as I have a business account created) and these 3 reports are shown to our customers for data accuracy. Reports should include salvage title checks

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